Scientific guidance and consultation. Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

Scientific guidance and consultation. Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

The clinical manager regarding the program tasks are appointed because of the Department of Sociology, concentrating on the product range of systematic passions of teachers and the amount of educational training load.

The primary tasks of this supervisor

The primary task associated with the manager – advising and monitoring the entire process of utilization of pupil coursework.

The duties of this manager include:

– support in selecting the subject for the program work and also the development Of a ongoing work plan;

– performing systematic consultations with the pupil on issues of work;

– help into the selection of research techniques;

– advising the pupil in the choice of types of literary works and factual product;

– monitoring the progress of operate in conformity with all the founded plan and intermediate certification associated with pupil;

– work assessment.

Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

The primary requirements for the evaluation of coursework consist of:

– the correctness associated with purpose that is stated goals of this work and The content to their compliance regarding the work;

– freedom regarding the writer’s way of the disclosure for the topic, like the formula and reason of their approach that is own to research dilemmas;

– persistence and presentation that is structured of product, such as thequality of this introduction and summary, the connection and continuity amongst the components of the task, involving the theoretical and practical areas of the analysis;

– the caliber of the analysis while the power to utilize the types of clinical research, like the quality of analysis for sale in the literature ways to the research associated with the issues in mind;

– The significance that is practical of program work, such as the connection of theoretical jobs considered into the work, with repetition;

– the correctness regarding the utilization of sources, including conformity utilizing the guidelines for compiling a summary i don t want to write my essay of sources;

– conformity with all the coursework design needs, precision of design, the lack of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the written text (especially when making use of unique terminology);

– the individual share regarding the writer towards the analysis and research of the subject.

Conformity using the guidelines of research ethics

While preparing a program work, unique attention is compensated to pupils’ conformity aided by the guidelines of research ethics. In no case should plagiarism, falsification of information and “false quoting” be utilized.

We mean direct borrowing without appropriate as we mention plagiarism sources to any printed or electronic sources, previously defended last qualifying works, master’s and doctoral dissertations.

Once we say the falsification of information, we suggest to a fake or replace the source information to be able to show the correctness associated with conclusion (confirmation regarding the theory, etc.), plus the deliberate usage of false information as being a foundation for analysis.

False quote means the presence of links into the supply if the provided supply will not include such information or shows a page that is invalid.

Detection of ethical breaches causes bad assessment.

The development among these violations of expert ethics may be the foundation for bringing down markings for program work, as much as grading “unsatisfactory”.

Course work is ranked for a scale that is five-point. The supervisor evaluates the work taking into consideration the quality associated with the text (i.e. its content, logic and argumentation), the theoretical and level that is methodological of, together with completeness regarding the source database. Along with the use and knowledge of the literary works in the topic, the correctness regarding the formulation and solution associated with the research issue, the credibility and legitimacy regarding the conclusions work, the proper design associated with work, along with the quality of message in the defense therefore the power to lead a discussion that is scientific.

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